Monday, October 6, 2014


Last week, YALSA named CREED a book that will "appeal to YA fans of Edgar Allen Poe." This is amazing and completely overwhelming in every possible way! Definitely cause for a celebration!

CREED releases in just over a month. Pre-order it from your local indie bookstore or any online retailer and send the screenshot to OR ask your local library to carry CREED and send us a screenshot of your request and we will enter you into an epic giveaway for: 

Do both and we'll enter your name into the giveaway twice! 
  • signed bookmark
  • signed postcard
  • temporary tattoo
  • CREED wristband
  • CREED magnet
  • signed bookplate (with both mine AND Trisha's signature)
  • CREED playing cards
  • CREED metal dog tag
  • Signed copy of the CREED cover

All library systems have a place where you can request that the library order a book for its collection. Most libraries will only let their local patrons request books, and we would love to see CREED in as many libraries as possible! Often, you can find the request form easily online. You can also go to your librarian and ask how to put in a request.
Here's all the information you might need to make your request:

Title: CREED
Author: Trisha Leaver & Lindsay Currie
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 9780738740805
Paperback, $9.99

***Offer open until November 7, 2014 to US and Canada residents.  One random winner will be drawn and announced on our release date, November 8, 2014 via YouTube video!***