Editorial Services

As a published YA author, I understand the commitment and passion that goes into writing along with the patience and perseverance needed to accomplish your publishing goals. Although Young Adult is my specialty, I have vast experience editing  NA, MG and Adult manuscripts. 
Working with and encouraging inspiring authors is my passion, and my critiques reflect that. I firmly believe that every critique should include positive, yet constructive criticism. Pointing out what DOES WORK in a manuscript is equally as valuable as pointing out inconsistencies and weaknesses.

Full Manuscript Critique
A thorough, in-depth critique of your manuscript that will include the following:

1. Track changes to give you real-time feedback throughout the entire manuscript. I am not a copy-editor, so these in-manuscript notes will cover areas such as character inconsistencies, word choices, repetitiveness, sentence structure, etc.

2. Editorial Letter: This detailed, 5-page letter will address strengths in the manuscripts as well as areas that need improvement. Areas covered will include character development and consistency, under-developed threads, plot holes, voice, tensing issues, pacing and story arc.  In addition to  over-arching thoughts on the manuscript, we are happy to address any specific areas of concern you may have.

3. One 45 minute phone call or Skype call to discuss any questions you may have.

Middle Grade: $400 (up to 50,000 words)
YA/ NA: $500 (up to 100,000 words)
Adult: $600(up to 100,000 words)

Submission Package:
For those authors ready to enter the query process, this package includes a review of your query, short synopsis (2 pages, single spaced) as well as an in-depth critique of your first three chapters (10 pages) Suggested elevator and Twitter pitches are also included.

Cost: $50

Target Market Readers
Need feedback from a teen or MG reader as to the pacing, voice, or the overall appeal of your book? I have both male and female, age-appropriate readers available to critique your manuscript. They will give you written feedback (from the perspective of a reader, not a writer) on voice, pacing, character likability as well as their overall impression of your manuscript.

Middle Grade: $50
YA: $50

To inquire about  editorial services, verify turn-around times, or customize a package, please email me at trishamleaver@gmail.com