Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who is the Better Writer

I'm always amazed when some one asks me who is the better writer in our co-authoring pair.  They don't ask what my strengths are as opposed to hers.  They don't ask how our skills compliment each other.  Nope, they simply, with a straight face and no sense of social propriety, want to know one of us is more talented. Okay, if they have the balls to ask, then I will cowgirl up and answer them.

ME!!! . .  no so just kidding!.

The real answer is -- It depends on who you ask.  You ask me, and I will say Lindsay. You ask Lindsay, she will say me. 

Why is that?  Simple, because like every author -- new, established, or award winning -- we all tend to be harsh on ourselves, question our choice of words, the placement of a scene, the consistency of our characters emotions.  What one of us sees as useless page clutter, the other sees as literary genius.

That is not to say that we each don't have our own talents.  I am good with description; Lindsay is good with emotion.  I write strong dialogue but always manage to screw up the tags.  Lindsay is a tag genius, knows exactly when the emotion needs to be spelled and when to pull back.  She likes short, edgy sentences; I'm all about the comma :)  In the end it is all good.

Oh yes .  . . Almost forgot.  Lindsay and I launched our co-author website yesterday!!  I have never seem Lindsay so excited about a website in my life.  She threw confetti and celebrated by tweeting everywhere about it.  I had a stomach bug so I barely managed to get my head out of the toilet long enough to hit the publish live button. Check it out. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I'm totally the better writer. Not. LOL as you might suspect, I think you give me too much credit here.

  2. I think co-authoring sounds like an amazing journey, and you two obviously have an awesome chemistry! Can't wait to check your website!

  3. Love the new website! Really cool- especially the changing quotes on the book page.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better, Trisha! The new site looks fantastic! :)

  5. I love the website! And I'm with Mare, the quotes look great.

    And tags, ick. I always feel bad about my tags. I suck with em way bad. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. I can't get past the fact that people actually ask the question.

  7. I'm still in shock about you being asked such a crude question. Way to answer it though. I agree with you, we are harsh on ourselves, a co-author really would be a genius way to learn how to be a tag genius, or the emotional guru. In the end you take your best halves and pair them together for the perfect combination.

    Ginger bought it and so will others. You two are brilliant, I wouldn't have needed to ask the question, I know the answer. You're both strong writers, who cares who better, in the end wouldn't you be the same. If one succeeds you both do... plain and simple.

  8. Haha, what an awkward question! That's horrible. But you have a great answer!

  9. Great new website. Paint me a follower.