Friday, April 1, 2011

Mother Nature's little Prank!

Today is April 1st and Mother Nature has delivered her own version of a prank.  Snow.  Frickin’ snow! In April!  On a more positive note, it is the first day of the A-Z Blogger challenge.  So here is the first of 26 posts, beginning with the letter A.

A is for Advise

I seem to be asking for and receiving a lot of it these days, offering little in return.  I am usually the calm and steady core, the one who can look at any manuscript and see it from beginning to end, write it without hesitation or fear.  But I have hit a stumbling block lately, and that steady core I rely on has come for you, my writer friends.  So thanks for the advise, support, and hand-holding.  I promise, if the time comes when you ever need a cheerleader, I’ll be right there, nudging you along.


  1. Ha, April Fool's!!

    I guess I could have said we're in April here and it's still like summer. which for me is a NASTY trick indeed! i am dying for winter here :P

  2. More snow?! You guys have really been hit this winter! Hope spring comes soon! I'd be happy to advise Mother Nature to get her act together if you have her email ;)

  3. Good luck with the challenge. I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. My cousin lives in a New England state and I saw a picture of all the snow accumulation. Crazy! PA got some snow too, but everything was so wet from the day before that it didn't stick at all, luckily!

  5. We're getting a blizzard right this second. :( Winter stinks!