Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hidden Truths

I've been notoriously tight-lipped about my co-authored MS FATUM, but it's no secret that this particular project has occupied most of my thoughts since the day my writing partner and I began writing it. 

Today, Lindsay and I are launching our new joint site entitled Hidden Truths and there is a blurb about FATUM as well as a tour of our MC Jake's bedroom.  The site is dedicated solely to our co-authored projects, and it undoubtedly has a much darker, edgier feel to it than my everyday blog.   Just consider it the site where I get to let my dark side come out and play!

The URL is - please head over there when you have the chance and take a peek around.  If you really want to see me do a happy dance, leave a comment or follow.  Thanks guys and have a great weekend!