Friday, November 8, 2013


I rarely post book reviews, not because I don't enjoy reading,rather because, as an author, I understand how personal our stories are to us. And with so many amazing YA books out there, I don't want to favor one author, one book, over another.  That said, I going to make an exception...because this book is truly extraordinary.

Author: Vivi Barnes
Genre: YA Sci-fi (with romantic elements)
Publisher: Entangled Teen

OLIVIA TWISTED is a contemporary remake of the Charles Dickens classic, OLIVER TWIST.  An orphan bounced from foster home to foster home, Olivia has done her best to put her often turbulent past behind her, successfully flying under the radar until her computer skills draw the interest of the mysterious and delicious Z. She appears hardened and walled off at times, but given her past and the tension between Olivia and her new foster mom, it's understandable and well played. She is an intelligent, strong heroine who makes horribly wrong and completely believable decisions for a girl in her situation. him I loved.  Sure he is mysterious and hot with a inflated sense of self-importance, but that is part of what drew me to him.  In a genre filled with "white nights," It was nice to see a protagonist that didn't fit that mold. He's someone I constantly wavered between wanting to smack and kiss, and his unpredictable nature  kept me intrigued.

In the end, this isn't a story about Olivia finding her way in a world that has abandoned her, or Z twisting her for his own game. It's a love story about two young kids, both with a talent for technology, finding their own sense of peace and self-worth with each other.

Where to Purchase OLIVIA TWISTED by Vivi Barnes

About the amazing Vivi Barnes:

Originally from East Texas, Vivi now lives in the magic and sunshine of Orlando, Florida with her very understanding husband, three kids, and a shockingly peaceful beagle. He Ya debut, OLIVIA TWISTED, released November 5, 2013 from Entangled Teen.

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