Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Goodreads

I am not the best at social networking. I can run a blog, figure out twitter, even started updating my Facebook page, but networks like Pinterest and Tumblr...yeah still trying to figure those out.  There are just so many avenues to connect with and so little time that I find myself picking and choosing where to devote myself.

I discovered Goodreads about a year ago, really started using it a few months back.  I started off with a reader page then moved over to an author page, connecting with people who loved the same authors, read/wrote in the same genre.  It is like one giant book club, sans wine and gossip :)  I can see what my friends are reading and what books are coming out from my favorite authors.  More than once, I have been turned onto a book a friend of mine has listed on their bookshelf or discovered an Indie author I would otherwise have never read.   And the reviews...who doesn't like reading other people's opinions of books, seeing if we connected with the same characters, loved the same scenes.

Here is my Goodreads page. I'd love to connect with you all, read your updates as your rate your current reads and see what books you marked as to-be-read.


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