Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Club Food

It is my turn to host our monthly book club.  Which reminds me, I probably ought to read the book.  I host frequently, not because I am gracious or a masterfully creative cook.  Let's face it, on most nights I find making mashed potatoes too much to handle.  Nope, I do it 10 out of 12 times simply because my husband travels . . . A LOT and with very little notice.  I have found it easier just to host our book club at my own home rather than  scramble for a babysitter last minute.  

Problem is, I recycle the same five recipes over, and over, and over.  Easy for me, boring for my friends.  So I am turning to you, my faithful writing friends.  I need some  recipe ideas for book club. Something tasty and pretty to look at.   Please, I beg you, for the sake of my friends, help me come up with something more creative than store-bought fruit dip this time around.


  1. I'm always looking for good entertaining recipes. Maybe try baked kale chips, cannellini spread, or prosciutto-wrapped melon?

  2. I don't know if you serve cocktails but my mother-in-laws Vodka Slush is AMAZING!!!

    Spritz cookies are always easy and delicious and make a boat load. Ooo we also do monkey bread (but it can get messy). A cheese balls is delicious as well as tortilla roll-ups and creme cheese ham wrapped pickle slices!! If any of that sounds delicious email me and I'll give the recipe ideas out!

  3. How about good ol' cheese and crackers? We do up a variety of cheeses (even trying some news ones like Trucker or Horseradish or Brie) and cut up pepperoni or summer sausage with them. The little hot dogs wrapped in dough are good to (I use the prepackaged breadstick dough rather than croissant dough as they are strips.) Wrap your dogs and bake until golden brown. A little mustard in a bowl and you are set!

  4. I LOVE crab dip. So fast and tasty. Just get cream cheese, imitation crab meat and some very spicy cocktail sauce. Layer the bottom of the bowl with the cream cheese, then a layer of sauce and sprinkle the crab over it. Voila!

    Then, there's my favorite standby. Manchego cheese or Gouda with crackers (rosemary are my fave) and a nice, big bowl of either garlic olives or spiced olives with wine. Yum.

    Or, you could go with something warm like taco dip! Cream cheese on the bottom, chili on top and then shredded american cheese melted on top of that. Serve with tortilla chips.

    I'm a pig.

  5. It's time to share the burden with your club buddies. I think you should introduce the idea of a book themed potluck each time. :)

  6. ooh I did hot crab dip, for my book club and they loved it.