Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Title-Go-Round

How is it that us writers can crank out 70,00 words of emotionally charged prose with relative ease, yet find ourselves stuttering when forced to come up with a title?  Trying to encapsulate your entire book into one two words is damn hard.  I am relieved to say, that after several go-arounds and a rather intimate relationship with the Thesaurus, Fatum now has a new name.  Better yet, it is one that all three of us (Lindsay, Ginger, and I) love. From this point forward, our Speculative Fiction manuscript is now called:  SILO

Now that we have settled that dilemma, I'm off to plot out book 2!


  1. Yeah! Glad the name is settled. Now..get back to work.

  2. Personally speaking, I think it's the understanding of how important a good title can be that makes it such a hard decision.

    I think of it from a reader's POV; I probably couldn't quote to you a chapter title from any of my favorite books, but I always think about/remember the title. I might argue that cover titles are the most important words (from a consumer standpoint) you'll write for your story.

    That's what freaks me out about picking a title. :-)

  3. Titles are so hard. But worth the extra effort. Good on y'all.

  4. I hate coming up with titles too. I happen to believe that all books should come without them. ;)

    GREAT title! Intriguing.

  5. Awesome name, and so fitting for your story. good luck with your plotting!

  6. Very nice! SILO strikes me as an impactful title :)