Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Five Things Equally as Fun as Nailing a Revision!

There are a few things more exhilarating than hearing from your agent that you have nailed a very tricky revisions that encompassed more than 1/3 of you manuscript.  I mentioned this to a writing buddy of mine and the look on her face was one of sheer amazement.  That got me thinking -- perhaps I take my writing all too seriously.  I doubt it, but to play devil's advocate, here are a few material things that get me equally in a stir.

1. Chocolate covered espresso beans (eat them by the handful and are responsible for several successful edits in their own right)

2. My pocket dictionary of the "The most commonly mis-spelled words," because let's face it, there are a slew of words that our automatic grammar checkers don't catch.

3.  My blender.  There is nothing better then a frozen beverage on a hot summer afternoon

4. That tiny bikini hanging in my bathroom that I am still 10 lbs and 2 weeks away from daring to put on.

5. And lastly, the tow-behind to my tractor.  Odd choice, yes, but that thing can cart anything around from dirt, to tree stumps, to kids.

So there you have it, a very electric look into the five material things that make me insanely happy. 


  1. I love them! Glad the revisions went well. Can't wait to read it's been sold.

  2. Great list, Trisha. Although the dictionary is still a bit writerly.

    And super-congratulations on the revisions. How sweet it is.

  3. Best wishes to get into that tiny bikini! Haha, about the espresso beans being responsible for successful edits. ;o) Whatever works!

    And that is SO cool that your agent said you nailed your tricky revision. I changed 1/3 of my ms too; I added 20K words, and am hoping that my agent loved the changes. Exciting to hear you got yours squared away. Best of luck when you go on sub!!!

  4. I have got to find me some of those coffee beans.

  5. MMMMMMMM.....chocolate covered espresso beans!