Monday, May 23, 2011

Tunnel Vision

My poor neglected blog has fallen prey to my revision-mode, tunnel vision.  I used to be a great multitasker, could create lists in my head and tick the items off as I moved long.  Lately it seems I like I have a mind for only one thing, which unfortunately means everything else has fallen by the wayside.  Some of my writer friends think I simply need to transfer that list from my brain to a piece of paper, providing me with a visual reminder that won't go away.  I disagree; I think the solution is more caffeine!

So I am off to make my third pot of the day.  If that doesn't work . .  well then there is always chocolate-covered espresso beans.  I hear the carry quite the kick!


  1. sounds like you're making great caffeine induced progress on your revisions -- hooorah

  2. Maybe you just need to clear off a few whiteboards (or convince your mind to buy you some new ones :-))

    Glad you are making progress, now go have a cup of coffee for me-- I'm out!

  3. I need to try those chocolate covered espresso beans, or a pensieve to drain your brain.

  4. I wish you luck with those revisions! :)