Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Double Hit Today

Due to the crazy chaos I call life, it appears as though I have neglected to blog about the letter D in the A-Z challenge.  So today is a two for one special.

D is for Decisions.  Writers are faced with what often seems like an insurmountable number of creative decisions on a daily basis.  Which plot road to travel, which line to cut, which character to fatally flaw, which agent to choose, which piece of beta advise to take and which to toss aside.   Heck, even the names of our manuscripts and  blogs can wreak havoc on our muses.  So here is to the thousand and one little writing decisions that take our manuscripts from fantastic to extraordinary!

E is for Envy.   That little green headed monster that rears his ugly head every now and then.  Come on, you know exactly what I mean.  That post from a fellow writer that says she got a request for a partial when the same agent rejected you two days ago.  The announcement that your CP's book has sold in a two book deal when yours is still circling the submission drain.  The one that has you questing your writing skills and swearing at your computer.   It is that same devilish monster that makes us write better, faster, and with more passion then we ever thought possible. He may drive me to the brink of sanity and back on a regular basis, but I have envy to thank for pushing me harder and for making me a better writer.


  1. Envy is an evil monster. Of course, I am not immune to it. Dang it!

  2. I think everyone has flashes of envy sometimes, but there's no point dwelling on it for long. And besides, the success of others just gives us more hope for our own :D I would hope!

  3. Nice job on the double entry.

    Envy is a tough one. You just have to try not to dwell on it, I guess.

  4. Ha - I never struggle with envy. (yes, I can hear you laughing from here:)

  5. Oh decisions, decisions~ why can't they take responsibility and take care of themselves? Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here??? :)