Saturday, March 12, 2011

Overdue Thanks

So I have been a little remiss in accepting my blog awards and thanking those amazing authors who generously bestowed them on me.  I wish I had an over-the–top, earth-shattering excuse for my lateness, but alas, I don’t . . . just preoccupied with my writing.  Anyhow, a giant thanks to A. Grey and Shari for presenting me with the stylish blogger award.

So now for the fun part.  Seven things about me that you probably never wanted to know:
1.      I am heavily addicted to caffeine, and I do mean heavily.  I have got a seven cup a day plus a hand full of chocolate-covered espresso beans a day habit.
2.      I always, without fail, have three manuscripts/ WIP's going at once.
3.      I have a photographic memory when it comes to plots, character relationships, and settings.  My CP’s joke about it, frequently referring to it as my mental white board.
4.      None of my friends, save one, know that I write.
5.      I can gut and fillet a fish with amazing precision and speed.
6.      As the daughter of a copy editor, I have amazing grammar skills, but refuse to correct it when I beta read.  Not because I am mean or cruel, I just hate grammar and anything related to it.
7.      The phrase “little prick” appears in everyone of my manuscripts.  In fact, my long-standing beta readers see it has a little game of hide-and-seek, often emailing me the second they find it. 

Now I have the honor of passing this award on to a few great bloggers.  So here they are; be sure to check out their blogs . . . they are some of the most talented, friendly, and encouraging writers I have ever met.

Lindsay Currie -- What can I say, with out you, I would have packed it in a long time ago!

Natalie Bleach -- She has had the task, or should I say the unfortunate experience, of having to sift through all my manuscripts

Sarah Ketley  -- A new crusader friend whose blog and tweets have become my daily addiction.

Mary Waibel -- One of the best CP's this side of the Mississippi!

J.L. Jackson --  One of the most talented YA historical fiction writers I have had the pleasure or reading for.


  1. Wow you aren't kidding, you do have a caffiene addiction. I think it'd scare you to know I gave it up... I haven't had caffiene in over 3 weeks. I feel amazing as well.

    Lindsay Currie is amazing! I love that chick! She led me to you! Congratulations to all the winners, some who I know and others who I don't.

  2. Thanks're pretty amazing yourself;)

  3. Great award. Fabulous links to pass it along to as well. Thanks.

  4. Only 1 friend knows you write? Hmm. Not many of mine know either, but I don't see how you keep it a secret since you have 3 WIPS and an agent! Also, choc covered espresso beans? I may have to try those. Congrats on your award.

  5. Trisha, this made my day. Thank you so very much! You are too wonderful for words.