Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Outsmarted by a Twelve Year Old!

I finally did it -- today I created a facebook page.  I know, I am only what .  . five, maybe ten years behind the eight ball!  In fact, I had to harness the technical brain power of my twelve-year-old son to show me how to import my address book into the contact/friend request folder. At least I can say I've raised a technically savvy kid. 

I understand the value of platform building and stand behind social networking as a way to do that.  I blog pretty regularly and have been known to Tweet on occasion.  But facebook . . . I have avoided that like the plague.  I'm not quite sure were that aversion stems from.  Perhaps it is rooted in the fact that there are a few high school and college friends I wish NOT to reconnect with. LOL  I have been pretty good about keeping my blog ramblings and followers confined to us writers, but facebook seems to be more public, like I am opening myself up to everybody and anybody that I may have known  . . . past, present, or future.

I am curious to hear whether my writer friends think a strong social network is key to platform building and what ones you use regularly.


  1. I'm with you on the facebook thing. I've had one for years, but I made a separate email when I set up my blog. I love my friends and family, but if they knew I had a blog, most of my comments would probably be filled with snarky bits from my friends and over loving quips from my mother.

    A lot of my friends know I write. They've read my work, but I guess living in a house with five people where it's extremely hard to get anytime to yourself, I like to have something that's just mine.

    Oh I probably should have started this with...Hello fellow crusader! XD

  2. I think there is a place for social networking in publishing, but like you, I tend to avoid some of them until they seem inevitable. I still don't have a grip on Twitter really:)

  3. I've been on FB for two years, but I still don't have a Twitter account. Maybe when I get a less ghetto phone...

  4. I'm even farther behind - I don't have a FB account and at this time I've no intentions of getting one. Can't imagine where I'd find even another second!

    If I ever get to the point of having a book to sell, I'll probably get one, but that's a long ways away ... if it ever happens!

  5. I'm on Facebook for a while and I'm on Twitter but don't use it very effectively. Besides, I barely have time to blog and write!

  6. I had a facebook, but it got too addicting so I left. I still use the account to publicise stuff that I do via my status, but that's really it. I think as far as getting to know people, blogs and twitter are better. They seem more geared towards that. From the research that I've done on it, facebook seems like more of the type of thing to have after you get an agent and are getting ready for your book release. :-)

    <3 Gina (fellow dystopian crusader)

  7. I have the blog and a FB accnt. I started on FB as myself trying to stay connected with friends, but when it seemed that having more of a 'social platform' was something agents liked, I started a FB for myself as an author. Now I use that FB almost exclusively. I still haven't gotten the twitter thing down. In fact, I still often get caught saying things like 'yeah so and so told me they twatted, twitted, tweatered, or whatever about that...' Yeesh...

    Gina, Dystopian Crusaders unite! :D

  8. I just joined Twitter (which I had been avoiding), but blogging remains my key platform. It's the easiest for me to use.

  9. I prefer to keep facebook private. Probably why I ignore it now.

    I use blogger and twitter to expand my platform/meet new people.

    Like Elena, I avoided twitter until recently and still need to decide if I like it or not.


  10. Yay for facebook pages! Now, is it a profile or a page? There's a difference. I have one both because one is private and one is public. I gush about stuff to family and friends on my profile and use a writer's page to talk about my writing.

    It's technically called a fan page I guess. It really makes networking and interacting with people on Facebook easier. I can keep my life as a writer and my sometimes less than professional life a human being separate. Fellow writers and supports/agents/whoever can come take a look and chat without having to friend you or wind up mingled in your PERSONAL personal life through your profile. It's awesome. What's your page? I can stop by and click that like button for a fellow Crusader!

    Mine is http://www.facebook.com/Tangynt Can't wait to see you around!

  11. I don't use FB for platforming. I use it to keep in touch with my friends and family. I don't accept everyone as a friend because at this point I don't want to, but I know some people that do.

    I have to admit that at one point I accepted everyone, including tons of writers, but I found that I skimmed over their posts and only read those from people I knew, (which became very irritating) so I cleaned out my friends list.

  12. I think it's important to have an internet presence, but you have to find a balance which is hard to do. Personally, I Facebook (I have one for friends/family and one for Author stuff) and Blog and am learning about Tweeting.

  13. I have a facebook, but do not dilegently use it. I do, however, read what others have to say all the time.

    Good for you. It is an important platform to be involved with as far as the writing is concerned.

  14. It's twitter I've avoided - can't seem to get on board with that! I do have a FB page, a website, and now a blog. I don't know how helpful it is in raising your profile, but at this point I feel like you can't not do it, if you know what I mean :) Good luck with your FB page (my technically savvy daughter had to help me with mine :))

    Fellow crusader here to say hi and follow at long last :)