Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Excuse for Going Dark!

First, I need to apologize for my long absence from blog posting. What has it been . . . two, maybe three weeks.  Nothing earth shattering that has prevented me from attending to this little blog, just life.   You know -- kids, carpools, in-laws, and snow, more snow, some more snow, and wait  . . . today . . .  today it is frickin' ice! Shoveling and snow blowing nearly constantly has my upper arms looking might toned.

Now back to the writing.  I wanted to talk about those little quirks that all writers have. The ones that our beta readers always point out; but, no matter how hard we try, it still always seems to happen.  Mine is  form and from.  I accidentally interchange them all the time.  I know the difference in meaning and in fact intend to use the right word 100% of the time.  My fingers just consistently, and I do mean consistently, type it wrong.  It happens so often that at the end of my ms I actually do a search/ edit just for those words.

Curious as to what your little writing quirks are?  We all have them;and, trust me, yours are no worse then mine :)


  1. I think we're all allowed a weather delay form time-to-time, Trish. Stay warm!

  2. I hear ya with the snow, snow, more snow and iceeee! The groundhog didn't see his shadow today (obviously, lol, since there's no sunshine in sight) so apparently that means an early spring. I sure hope so!!!

    Be careful if you must venture outside!

  3. I write AP style and can't switch...spelling out numbers, remember to put the come before the and in a series. AH!

  4. I do the form/from as well. And for some reason I can never type 'and' correctly - it's always 'adn'. Of course, I always add the Canadian 'u' to words as well :)

  5. This is really stupid, but I get so nervous when I'm on Twitter, that I make your/you're there/they're/their mistakes. I'm so worried about the 140 character count, along with this horrific and very loud voice saying, "NOBODY CARES" that I make silly mistakes.

    Not that I'm all witty and awesome on my blogs.