Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creation Blogfest

It’s Summer’s Birthday.  To honor the event she is hosting a blogfest at My Inner Fairy.  It’s simple.  You post the last sentence of a ms you completed last year and a new first sentence from a project not yet written.  So, here it goes.

This is the last sentence from Inside Out, a project currently under agent revision.  It’s generic of sorts, but what can I say; it’s the end of the book, and it is meant to put a lid on my characters entire journey:

I’d my whole life to look forward to, and it started today . . . with him.

Now for my new first line.  This book has not been written, plotted out, or the character’s names even thought up.  It is truly just a first line with which I can go anywhere!

I pulled up to the curb and saw him standing there on the front porch of his poorly-maintained, twelve-bedroom monstrosity, wearing nothing but a bath towel and a roll of duct tape. 


  1. Your last sentence really does round things out well, but also leaves it open. I like that.

    Your first sentence really gets to my imagination! LOL wonderful. Thank you Fairy much for participating!

  2. Whoa - that first sentence would definitely have me reading more!

  3. That's a hoot of an opening sentence! Definatley want more. I like the ending line too.

  4. Hi,

    1) Nice finishing line: sounds romantic.

    2) LOL: this has so much going for it: duct tape? Nice job all round! ;)

  5. LMAO. That second one is priceless. Which I knew what came next!

  6. Hi Trisha! I'm just flopping over here 'cause you commented on my nice to "meet" you!

    I love your last line entry. Are you writing contemporary YA?

  7. I didn't see 'the end' of the new sentence coming. Duct tape - brilliant!

    The first was so romantic. Great ending line.

  8. Hi!

    I came over from Summer's blogfest!

    Your last sentence - lovely - it's a happy ending and I love happy endings!

    Your first sentence - LOL!!! Where the duct tape was is anyone's guess!!

    Thank you
    Take care

  9. Hi Trisha
    I enjoyed reading your Blogfest post.

    Your opening sentence made me smile - there's gonna-be-trouble when a man wears duct tape ;)

    Some times a simple ending is the satisfying way to fade the story out.

  10. The first sentence is great -- very much a wrapping up of things. And I love the second one! Duct tape? Was not expecting that! I want to read more!

    Happy New Year! And good luck with the agent revision.

    ~ Bess

  11. You definitely have a way with a good opening line. Many female readers will jump at that bait.

    Congrats on your agent. I like the title. The ending is romantic and hopeful for the future. Well done.


  12. Yeah, there's definitely all kinds of places that you can go from that beginning!

    I signed up to this blogfest late, but I'd love to know what you think of my sentences.