Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wow -- That was Dirty!

When my muse strikes, I find myself scrambling to get the free-flow of ideas down on paper, stealing moments here and there throughout the day to jot down some crazy piece of inspiration.  Undoubtedly, other important things I need to attend to often fall by the wayside. It used to be time with my husband.  But when he re-painted the formal dining room, hung the “fancy” art back on the walls, and declared we were eating in here EVERY night, I got the hint.

Lately, it’s  my house that has been suffering.  I’ve spent the last two weeks furiously revising two WIPs so that I could clear my plate in anticipation of NaNoWrite. Those WIPs have been completed and passed off, and today I decided to tackle those house chores I've been slacking on.

Wow, my house was dirty!   I made a fatal mistake, one that all moms’ make a few times a year; I moved the couch to vacuum underneath.  My little old Dyson wouldn’t cut it, had to get the shop vac out to tackle that job.  I am heading for the bathroom grout now.  Hopefully I will re-surface in the next hour with a sparkling clean tub and a bleach headache a mile long.

I can’t be the only one who puts off the little things in order to make time to write.  What do you all put off when the muse strikes?


  1. Man, if I moved my couch I'd probably need to bring along a sword and pickax! You're a brave lady ... :)

  2. What? Are you saying that emptying the bathroom garbage can once a week and picking up the pre-Halloween candy wrappers every few days isn't ENOUGH cleaning? Man, with the writing, blogging, revising, beta reading and working, I'm lucky to have a path cleared to the computer!

  3. E.J. I can understand the need for the pickax, but I'm not sure about the sword. What the hell do you have living under your couch? LOL!

    Natalie -- you can bet my writing desk is spotless ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh geez. What don't I put off? Home cooked meals for the hubs and kids, proper hygiene, laundry (yes matching socks are nice but do you really need them?). . . this list could go on and on.

  5. Housework, sleeping, and hanging out with my neighbors. Not good, but there's only so much time in the day.

    Besides, dark circles under the eyes are in, right? Right?