Monday, September 13, 2010

Yeah . . . Hell No!

So what do you say when on the eve of your last child's first day of preschool your bi-coastal commuting husband (yes we live in Massachusetts but his office is in Ca -- talk about some frequent flyer miles) sweetly suggests over a glass of Merlot that perhaps it is time to have another one . .  baby that is. 

Now before you answer that let me just say I already thought about coughing up my glass of Merlot all over him.  But let's be honest, all that does is create more work for me -- pre-treating, soaking, and washing his dress shirt!


  1. I have two (one in high school and the other in the 5th grade). I'd get rid of my husband before I'd have another one (well, if I still had a husband, I would). lol

  2. Yeah, you don't want to make more work for yourself. :) I'm all for having more kids - I've got 5, but my hubby and my body gave out before I wanted to quit...However, now that my youngest is in grade 3, I would be crazy shocked (possibly not in a good way) to be having another one. I'm enjoying myself way too much now!

    I suggest that you get your hubby a tamagotchi or some other virtual pet and make him a deal. If he can keep it alive for longer than a month, you "consider" trying for another one. Don't worry, even if he manages to keep it alive he'll lose it or chuck it in the trash from the annoying beeping - but at least he'll feel like you gave his idea a shot, hehe. (Um, I hope he doesn't read your blog, or the whole plan is ruined...)

  3. OMG, that'd be a good pitch...for a horror story! For me anyways. lol

  4. LOL I don't even know what to say to this. I can't imagine the look on your face. Oh well, at least he softened you up with wine first:-)

  5. Yeah, I don't think I could do another baby. I have four high schoolers and one in first grade. I am in deep enough treading water between all of them and work plus trying to pursue my writing career.

    I would tell my husband that there isn't enough wine. I love him and all the children, but my sanity is slipping and on the verge of being I would have to respectfully decline. lol

    Maybe you could submit one of the rejection form letters created for beta readers and let him know that it is just not going to work out at this time.