Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Waiting Game -- How Do You Pass The Time

I am finding that the submission process is a lot like the query process – full of waiting, waiting, and more waiting. I check my email several times a day hoping for an editor response than worry that my manuscript just isn’t good enough.  I’m telling you . . . being an aspiring author is truly a test of one’s patience.

I’ve done all the things I can to ensure the success of my manuscript.  I hacked it up beyond belief and then pieced it back together to create a manuscript I’m proud to call my own.  I started developing my platform and began the ominous task of blogging.  I even burned a Yankees hat for good measure and a bit of luck. (Sorry folks but I live in Red Sox’s Nation)  Now, all I can do is wait.

But waiting isn’t in my nature so I kicked my life into overdrive to pass the time.  For me that means I turned into an obsessive cleaning machine.  My hardwood floors have been waxed, my closets de-cluttered, and the grout on all five of my tile floors scrubbed with bleach and a tooth brush.  Out of things to clean, last night I turned to cooking.  My freezer is now stocked with nine – yes nine loaves of zucchini bread, two lasagnas, and three batches of meatballs complete with homemade tomato sauce.

As a joke, my husband suggested that I now focus on the outside of the house.  I think I may just do that. Our deck is in need of new boards and how hard could that be. . . . just rip the old ones up and hammer some new ones down!  Maybe after that I will re-plant the garden and build a patio. LOL!

So what do you all do to pass the waiting-game time?  Are you obsessive in channeling your energy like me or are you one of the lucky few who can sit back and enjoy the peaceful waiting time?


  1. I totally hear ya! I'm waiting on a full that got sent out to an agent *cough*, and it's driving me insane! Does she like it? Does she think some things need to be changed? Does she totally hate it? It's such a mind bender if you dwell on it. Thank God my in-laws are here (yes, I'm actually saying that) cause they keep me occupied.

    Regardless Trisha, it's only a matter of time before someone picks your book up and sees it for the gem it is. It may take time, but it WILL happen!

  2. Hey Trisha. We're pulling for you (and a quick sell!). My tip: keep writing. Find something new to peck away at until the day you get the call. (If you've worked this hard, I'm sure it will come sooner rather than later.)

  3. Waiting is SO hard. I'm in the query stage and have a couple partials and fulls out. I'm not the most patient person. I'm passing the time by throwing myself into another book. It helps me.

  4. I'm waiting to hear back on 2 partials and a full. It's been 4 months for 2 of them and 6 weeks for the other. Sheesh! I have plenty to bide my time, but I focus on my next story to keep my mind occupied.
    BTW should i give you my address so you can send zucchini bread??? love that stuff!

  5. I remember my agent telling me it typically takes 12-16 weeks to make a sale. I went bonkers waiting for the time to pass and remember emailing more than one frantic letter to my agent (where is it again? who's on the second-round list? will anyone think this thing isn't too quiet? is anyone gonna pick this thing up??? etc.)

    Hang in there. If you need to vent, feel free! caroline starr AT yahoo DOT com.

  6. OMG Trisha I can just imagine you cooking at breakneck speed! Relax. Cedar is amazing and in time, it will see the shelves. Now, about that bread. . .

  7. This made me laugh so hard! (and can I get on the mailing list for your next cooking spree?!) Waiting is SO hard, I completely understand where you're at. (Being in a similar place myself.) I love how Kiersten White described it: Submission purgatory. Lovely and accurate description, isn't it? ;) If you ever need to vent, feel free to write me! Good luck!

  8. Yeah. The only consoling thing I can say is that the waiting does get easier! The first few months were the worst for me. Then I was able to detach myself from that manuscript and say, "whatever happens, happens," and throw my energy into something new. It's still hard sometimes though!